Saturday, December 26, 2009


wow, its been a while right... ahaha
i know because now im stuck with something better than this :)
but i won;t tell anyone about it.. :P

hey i have been missing him alot, i still cant accept the
fact tat he just ignore me with any fucking reason and just
left me as if im just a heartless girl. cant he see tat i like
him, isnt it obvious??

if i could,if i dare i will just tell him how much he mean to me
and how much his existence(spelling) effect my days???

its a short emo post.till next time then :0

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


okey, so i was so suffering here in this college, altho some
of them are hard to loose. but seriously i cant stand any longer
with their stupid thought of people. i dont understand.

they can say wat they want to, no matter hw offended it might be.
as long as they SAID it. like so wtf. just because of they are our
so-called-teaching-us doesnt mean u can say some stupid nonsense.
don;t u think so. ahh pathetic. i dont know why they can live until
this age. with their stupid thinking, so character, so attitude.
wondering HOW they can survive :(

and another thing, i wonder why people get angry over something that
has nothing to with them, and suddently accusing (spell?) people
over it, just because they are being such an asshole for calling
others to help them, but end up knowing that it wasnt serious.
okey, maybe it might be pissing off jokes, but come on, we told u
already, just after 5mins. ? and why are u the one who is really2
pissed off.? and why are calling someone to do watever. maybe because
u're a pathetic loser. and indeed. im very sure. well, suddently came and
yelled at me, while im not the only person who involves in the case,
u're suppose to think. and to make sure things are real. come on L,
u sucks. seriously. can't imagine why i had feelings for such a loser
like u. and not proud of being urself is one of the things that i started
to realise that u are such a loser. haha.
and im thankful that i finally realize that u're what i thought u were.
haha pathetic. pathetic . comparing me with some was way to stupid.
i dont want to be compare who is better, and im not like that P,
and i dont need to be like P, bcos im way better being me. haha
P isnt so. so.. so .. easy to say. i dont want to be P. :)
u can say hw cool P might be, but i won;t be P, and not the same with
P. its ok u can keep P. hahahahha i mean U, not THEM. hahaha

and okey next is, i think, im really being racist towards chinese, if they
are any chinese to read this (which i know they wont) but just in case,
im sorry don't mean u guys, just people that i know. :) hahaha that
is not all, but some. i don't know why u people always think u guys are
the one who is only right, in everything. i admit that u guys are quite
CLEVER, but personality oh so not. style no? haha im nt saying myself style
or wat,just that don't talk about people when u don;t know it urself.
just being so clever so what. and keep asking why malay this, malay that?
haha when i listen to malay song, u will be like "urgh pls, i can't listen
to this" but when u open YOUR song, its kinda stupid, and i really CAN"T STAND
it. but still u pay for the room aswell, i can't say like u did. ahh
and u keep on saying u do this do that, what about me, i never? ahhh
i can't describe my feelings toward YOU cause its really hard to explain.

exam, exam. i can do, but im not sure whther its right or wrong. so.
its quite hard for me because they cant accept the way i act, so they
misjudge me but putting on their own judge. so they JUDGE,just because
i hang out with some guys which none of them are my boyfriend, just because i
laugh with them,and talk some bullshit with them, so they started to think
"OH SHE IS THIS KIND OF PERSON" do i need to be hyporcrite? (spelling)
just because i want u people to like me? hahhaahah NO WAY!

i hate it

for me life is about what people think of u,
eventho sometimes i feel this is none of my business,
u can say watever u want with whoever u want.
But that isnt always what i felt whenever people said something
about me. im very pissed off with this one lecturer in my college.
Attending his class is like commiting suicide. Seriously, i hate
him to the bottom of my heart that he is one of the people who i hate
the most in my whole life. Being so-called -mr-know-everything is making
him "so proud of himself". Who do u think u are? where u study again?
AUSTRALIA,UK, AMERICAN? and yea,u think u are ALL THAT, but the fact
is ure just a stupid people that thinks u know everything and u cantell everything. i just can say "HAHA" saying lame things and being so-nice with only the people
i just cant seem hw can u be a lecturer when ure mind is like.....

so what if i smoke? so what if i hang out? i still come and study, and do my
best on the exam, and who are to judge by attitude. eventho im spoil but still
i do my task, like everyone, still they do mistake, i did mistake, why im
the only person u complaint? why my attitude is the worst.

FUCK FOR U!! cont later

Thursday, September 3, 2009

so so. nothing to do. again blogging. wth

today i got tips from miss linda for my introduction of hospitality industry.
yeap. so i study a bit,then end up HANA YORI DANGO! :D

i think Boys Over Flower is Better, altho MATSUMOTO still hot,but sorry
darl, i choose LEE MIN HO. (xsure what his name) hehe

thankGod,i watched hana yori dango first then only boys over flower,
bcos after i watched boys over flower i found out JAPANESE version is not
so good, hehe before i thought AWW the best drama . hehehe

and went out with elyas after sungke, and then dyed my hair BLACK.
ahhh . wat the hell, idk that in hospitality industry we can't coloured
our hair, and if u are malay. haha if u're intersional,maybe korean,
its ok for u to colour ur hair. pathetic aite. BITCHESS. i mean the asshole
guys whom i hate the most. AGAIN GUYS! :D

and elyas cut my hair. so here goes my new ugly-cute- hair. kekekeke

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


final exam is just in few days :( i havent study ALL. ive been very lazy.
idk why. maybe because of the so-hot-kch or becos of im TOO lazy.
i get my practical,theory,assignment result and its nothing to be proud
of bcos of my stupidity. wtever.

i can't wait for hari raya. bcosss im going to be with the whole family
and its the end of ramdhan. i think,lately, theres been some changes in me.
(just let it be a secret ok) haha.

i dont know why i blog? since i said i don't wanna blog anymore. hehe

having my ramadhan in kch makes me gain weight. haha

ok, i think i'll stop here. im sleepy already. hehe

p/s: i don't wanna go back to genting and sit for my final.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

recently,im not in the mood of blogging.
and i think i dont want to write anymore longer.
its a waste of time. but sometimes i like it.
but now,facebook better :)

im not in the mood of doing anything these days,
maybe i might say since i start my college.
College is sometimes damn interesting bt sometimes
i just feel wanna go back to when im just sitting at
home doing nothing,college is a very damn tiring place.

class,assignment,homework,friends,love ones,party,chefs,
lecturers. everything is so so tiring~!!!!

i just hope i could turn back the time on not think to
much about everything.

SINCE NOWcan make me happy except for being in kuching home sweet home.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

why do i have to love and then hurt. why i cant love someone
that show me his love. why i choose someone who don't love me,
and just always pissing me off and a jerk..Maybe because of that
im in love with him.Im with this guy but in love with This other
guy.i dont know my life is so damn difficult.i tried to let him out
of my mind and never let him back in my mind.but i can't. to hard
for really2 trully inlove with him. i cant do anything.
everytime im with him,i feel like i dont want any other guys. i just
want him to hold me,talk to me and hold my hands. But actually i tried
to avoid him,wont go everytime he calls.but i can't. something will
make me come to him.why things have to be like this? its really hard
for me to accept.I've been heartbroken since ever! why should i like
someone which i am very sure won't end up with me?im sick of this feelings.
sick of things that never right with me,unfair all the time.But none of
that makes me blame ALLAH. i know he loves me and always give me this
kind of difficult things so i can learn and be more mature.

but seriously im really upset